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In 1965, Myron Dickerman opened Dickerman Dental Prosthetics. Today, his son Ira is the face of the laboratory. This commitment to family and quality manifests itself in the care and attention each individual restoration receives. In the pursuit of quality Dickerman Dental Prosthetics unites the strengths of craftsmanship with the power of technology. Our team of highly skilled technicians handles your restorations, ensuring quality, familiarity and accountability.

For nearly fifty years, the Dickerman family has embraced and utilized the latest advances in dental materials, techniques and technology, establishing itself as a premier laboratory for the finest full-service solutions for all of your dental needs.

There are three generations of Dickermans in the laboratory today. Ira N. Dickerman, CDT, TE, recipient of the NADL 2009 Excellence in Education award, is a recognized expert in dental prosthetics and speaks at numerous dental conferences. In the laboratory, Ira is available for telephone support. He is a comprehensive source for information, expertise and solutions. Myron still works at the bench daily, his daughter Sara works in the ceramics and CAD/CAM departments and Ira’s son, Brandon, works in the removable department. He is responsible for and has been lecturing and training dentists and dental laboratories.

Dickerman Dental Awards

Awards & Certifications

Certified Dental Technicians

At Dickerman Dental Prosthetics, we pride ourselves on our dedication to delivering excellence to our doctors. Our lab has ten Certified Dental Technicians working on staff: Myron Dickerman, CDT, Ira Dickerman, CDT, TE, James Pollina, AAS, CDT, RDH, Ken Cusano, CDT, George Mergner, CDT, Brandon Dickerman, CDT, Mark Teixeira, CDT, TE, Joseph Nagel, CDT, James Angele, CDT, TE, David Wilson, CDT. Our goal is to not just meet expectations, but to continually exceed them and the pride that we take in our laboratory business has been recognized by industry leaders.

Certified Dental Laboratory

We are a Certified Dental Laboratory. This certification is a standard established by the National Association of Dental Laboratories. You can be assured that we will always maintain the strictest guidelines in terms of consistency and quality.


1994 Massachusetts Dental Society
Dental Technician of the Year Award

Ira Dickerman, CDT, TE

2006 Massachusetts Dental Society
John T. Griffin Dental Technician of the Year Award

Myron Dickerman, CDT

2010 Massachusetts Dental Society
John T. Griffin Dental Technician of the Year Award

James Pollina, AAS, CDT, RDH

2009 National Association of Dental Laboratories
Excellence in Education Award

Ira Dickerman, CDT, TE

2019 Ira Dickerman Awarded John T. Griffin Technician of the Year
Ira N. Dickerman has been named the recipient of the John T. Griffin Technician of the Year Award, given to a dental technician for exceptional work in the field. A Middlesex Community College graduate, Mr. Dickerman has worked as a trainer for several of the largest dental implant companies and also acts as a dental consultant.

Dickerman Award