Our provisionals are heat cured PMMA, Milled PMMA or Radica. Provisionals can be based on diagnostic waxups, preoperative casts or existing prosthesis. Shell Provisionals for relining over your preparations or Provisionals for implant reconstructions.

Implant Provisionals
Implant Provisionals can be fabricated as screw retained or cementable restorations. As part of our recommended bridgework protocol we supply Provisionals to fit on our custom abutments when they are delivered at frame try in. This decreases chair time, fewer radiographs to confirm abutment seating and is more biologically advantageous. The periodontium remains healthier around implants if abutments are placed and left as opposed to being removed between appointments. This temporary also becomes the blueprint for the final prosthesis. The patient has the opportunity to accommodate and give the restorative feedback prior to final prosthesis fabrication.

Radica is a premier laboratory fabricated Bis GMA temporary. Compatible with your chairside materials, these temps are beautiful and rigid.

Milled PMMA
These CAD/CAM PMMA Provisionals are milled from one solid pressure cured puck of material. This industrialized product assures maximum density and strength. Incisals may be utilized for characterization and additional translucency if desired. These are created from analog or digital diagnostic renderings of your patients planned prosthesis. After fabrication if the patient requires an additional temporary prior to final prosthesis fabrication a Dickerman Gemini temp can be created at a reduced cost from the original design file.

Custom PMMA
Laboratory processing our custom PMMA Provisionals allows us to incorporate custom cast base alloy reinforcements. The framework is opaqued and used to create dependable, rigid, long term Provisionals.

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