Straumann® Angled Solution Systems

Straumann® Angled Solution Systems

Dickerman Dental Prosthetics is proud to provide Straumann® Angled Solution Systems. Unlike alternatives, the Angled Solution Systems is compatible with all platforms and can be used with either conventional or digital design. Utilizing a top-of-the-line self-retaining screwdriver, this solution is compatible with a wide range of anterior and posterior indications. This screwdriver is compatible with all Straumann® platforms and can be purchased through Dickerman Dental Prosthetics. The diameter of the screw channel has been optimized to be as small as possible, providing more space for the restoration. The benefits of the Straumann® Angled Solution Systems are numerous and include the following:


Through the combination of Straumann’s proven conical screw connection and the insertion torque of 35 Ncm, the final restorations have ideal retentive power.

Easy to Use

This screw-retained approach provides a straightforward workflow and easy handling. The self-retaining screwdriver was designed to work perfectly with angle screw channels, ensuring an ideal outcome.


With a small diameter and up to 25° of angulation, these screw channels provide the perfect amount of room for the final restoration.


The Angle Solution Systems works with all major platforms, is indicated for a variety of posterior and anterior cases and can be used with both digital and conventional designs.